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(Intro) Hi there! Welcome to Food For Thought, a blog brought to you by VegKit. In this space we're going to explore and discuss the exciting, delicious and ever-growing world of plant-based food.

New vegan products on the supermarket shelves, or food tech in the headlines? Let's dig in. Recipe success stories (and fails)? You bet. The latest research about plant-based nutrition? We're all over it.

It's thrilling to see millions of people embracing healthier, kinder, more sustainable food options. But if you're new to all of this, it can feel a little intimidating entering the kitchen with unfamiliar ingredients in hand, or even venturing into new sections of the supermarket! Just starting a conversation about veg food was enough to overwhelm me in my earlier days as a vego 🙂  So we'd like to offer a place for info-sharing, story-swapping and support for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and everyone in between!

So make yourself at home. Please share our posts and reach out if you'd like — we're all here to learn from and support one another.

See you around!


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