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Freshly Picked Australia’s favourite plant-based cooking show.

Join MasterChef grand finalist Simon Toohey as he cooks up a storm in the 100% plant-based Freshly Picked kitchen.

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  • Larissa Walsh, Bricktown Cafe

    Larissa’s little plant-based cafe is known as much for the coffee as it is for the scrumptious toasties and treats -- which attract devoted customers to Queenscliff from near and far!

  • Tom Gaunt, Kinsfolk Farm

    “Soil is everything” for Tom and Bridie, who use regenerative organic practices; they try to make the most of every veg too, harvesting and selling broccoli leaves, for example, alongside the florets.

  • Laura Kuzmicky, Pindatoes Produce & Products

    Laura Kuzmicky has always been a gardener, but it didn’t take long for her operation to blossom naturally into a robust little farm, now growing loads of fresh produce for happy local customers!

  • Alan Lomas, Lomas Orchard

    Alan’s grandfather established Lomas Orchard in 1938 and they’re still going strong, not only growing lots of other fruit and veggies too — but offering 34 different varieties of apples alone!

  • Sandhya Tewari, capsicum grower

    Sandhya of Lonsdale Tomato Farm corrects a long-held belief Simon had (many of us probably had!) about the relationship between green, yellow, and red capsicums.

  • Sue Porter, Hot Chilli Mama hot sauce

    It’s all about the flavour for Sue Porter, who organically grows all the chillies she uses in her family’s award-winning Hot Chilli Mama hot sauce.