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Freshly Picked Australia’s favourite plant-based cooking show.

Join MasterChef grand finalist Simon Toohey as he cooks up a storm in the 100% plant-based Freshly Picked kitchen.

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  • Patrick Noonan, saffron grower

    Patrick’s family grows a million saffron flowers per season, from which they can carefully harvest by hand five kilos of the precious spice, which is derived from the delicate stigma of each flower.

  • Justin Kassolke, citrus grower

    Originating in Japan, the sumo is a cross between a Satsuma mandarin and a tangerine, and Justin’s been growing them in the Mildura region’s uniquely favourable topsoil for over a decade.

  • Adam Gallace, fruit producer

    Adam grows grapes, figs, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and blood oranges at 'Little Gemz' farm — where they also dehydrate lots of these fruits to offer consumers a completely different product that’s available year-round!

  • Chris de Bono, Meru Miso

    Chris adheres to traditional Japanese methods as much as possible in producing Meru Miso’s miso — that iconic fermented soy bean paste which adds rich umami flavour to literally any dish or cuisine!

  • James Phelps, Soyoyoy

    James had been making homemade tofu for years, but turned it into a commercial operation at the request of friends and local restauranteurs who wanted to use his high-quality products. Thus, Soyoyoy was born!

  • Gino Garreffa, caper grower

    Capers grow in abundance in the Mediterranean region, but they’re more challenging to produce here in Australia. Luckily folks like Gino Garreffa have figured it out so we don’t have to travel far for these little pickled delights!

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