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Nutrition What can plants do for you?

If you’re new to eating plant-based, you may be surprised – and hopefully delighted – to discover all the incredible impacts it can have on your health.

Eating plant-based may be one of the best things you can do for your health.

As with any food regimen, eating plant-based is all about balance — or put another way,  variety! And we are lucky to have so much variety, all from the Plant Kingdom, lining the supermarket shelves today. Read on to learn our 4 top tips for a healthy plant-based journey …

4 simple tips

Your family can be well-nourished and mighty happy eating veg, too.

You can meet all of your family’s nutritional needs with a plant-rich diet. Most kids — even the so-called ‘picky’ eaters — will appreciate your reasons for trying plant-based food, especially once they taste how delicious it is!

See how this family does it

Some of the world's top athletes are fuelled entirely by plants.

Your body — particularly if you’re exercising or competing in sports at an elite level — can thrive on a plant-rich diet. From boxing to soccer, body-building to tennis … Professional athletes all over the world have unleashed their potential after going plant-based.

Here are just a few of them

Your 5 food groups for a plant-based diet

Grains and starchy vegetables

Food wheel showing 5+ servings of Grains and starchy vegetables recommended a day.

Grains are a great source of fibre and iron, and they also contain some protein. They are rich in B vitamins, which are important for metabolism and nerve function.

What’s a serving?

½ cup cooked rice, pasta or barley, 1 medium sweet potato, ¼ cup muesli or 1 slice wholegrain bread.

Good sources:

Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, porridge, sweet potatoes.


Throw some roasted sweet potato in with your greens for a heartier salad.

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