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Your favourite products. Made entirely from plants.

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  • Eaty

    Gourmet Sausages Maple Bacon

  • Veef

    Plant Based Bacon Bits

  • Deliciou

    Bacon Seasoning Smokey BBQ

  • Salad Toppers

    Bacon Bits

  • Cruelty Free Pantry

    Bacon Mac and Cheese

  • Well & Good

    Cheesy Mac Smoking Bacon Flavour

  • VBites

    Cheatin' Bacon Style Rashers

  • Pimp My Salad

    Coconut Bacon Jar

  • A&T

    Vegan Bacon Slices

  • Lamyong

    Vegan Bacon Strips

  • Made With Plants

    Meat Free Bacon

  • Knowrish Well

    Maple Bacon Coconut Chips