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Your favourite products. Made entirely from plants.

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  • Pitango

    Chicken Free Soup Chicken Thai Style

  • Oreo

    Cookie S'mores

  • Sheese

    Creamy Spring Onion & Cracked Pepper Spread

  • Woolworths

    Dairy Free Chocolate Cheesecake

  • Creative Foods

    Garlic Bread

  • Eaty

    Gourmet Sausages Classic Bbq

  • Eaty

    Gourmet Sausages Classic Breakfast

  • Eaty

    Gourmet Sausages Maple Bacon

  • Ben & Jerry's

    Netflix & Chill'd Non Dairy Frozen Dessert

  • Pitango

    Organic Ministrone Soup

  • Plant Collective

    Plant Based Nuggets