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Opinion Best vegan products to buy for kids’ lunch boxes in Australia

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Author: Liv Published: January 22, 2024

Looking for a little extra something to bulk out a plant-based lunch box? These kid-approved, fuss-free vegan goodies will make lunch duty a breeze.

Packing a nutritious, filling, and fun plant-based lunch box doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few nifty tips and tricks, it’s totally achievable, even on busy mornings! The key is to keep it simple. There are plenty of tasty plant-based recipes that are easy to prepare in a hurry yet still seriously satisfying. 

But sometimes, especially on those mornings when time seems to slip right through your fingers, you just need something you can grab and throw into the mix – something that complements whatever leftovers or home-prepped food you’ve already laid the lunchtime foundations with. 

So we’ve combed the supermarket aisles to bring you a curated list of store-bought vegan lunch box gems ✨

A child sitting outside on a deck reaching into a bowl of wholefood balls.

Stock up on these plant-based products (some wholesome, some more on the ‘treat’ side) and thank us later – they are guaranteed to make your life a bit easier and have your little ones eagerly peeling back the lunch box lid every day.

Note: Most of these products are nut-free, but be sure to always double-check ingredient labels according to your school’s dietary requirements.

Main Meal Bases

Many easy-to-find supermarket products like marinated tofu, pre-made lentil bowls, falafels, and fritters make super convenient plant-based meal bases. Combine them with a veggie side and you’re well on your way already!

An overhead image of a picnic set-up, with a plate of watermelon and grapes, blueberries, and Edgell Nourish Bowls.

Savoury Snacks

These chips, crackers, and rice cakes are all 100% vegan and sure to be a hit. Lots of them are available in multipacks too, making them an ideal option for lunchtime munching.

A young girl eating from a snack pack of Messy Monkeys savoury snacks.

Sweet Snacks

Who knew it was so easy to find sweet options that strike the balance between being tasty and healthy? Many of these plant-based snacks are made with 100% fruit, wholefood, or wholegrain ingredients. 

A close-up image of a hand holding to camera an individually wrapped Bob Snail fruit roll.

Juices, Milks & Yogurts

A refreshing addition to any lunch box, these fresh juices, smoothies, flavoured milks, and dairy-free yogurts pack a delicious energy boost to keep your little ones going throughout the day.

Two single serve cartons of GoKids flavoured oat milks sit on an outdoor table.

Biscuits, Lollies & Treats

Every so often, a lunch box demands a surprise sweet treat! With everything on the shelves these days, from vegan biscuits to cookie dough bars, fruit jellies to chocolates, there are plenty of options to choose from! 

Three young children sit on an outdoor bench, snacking on Gomacro bars.

What did we miss? There are so many vegan-friendly lunch box products out there that it’s impossible to list them all – and more are appearing every day!

You can find even more easily-accessible vegan supermarket products on the Coles and Woolies websites or by browsing VegKit’s shopping guide.

Ready to start packing?

The best way to incorporate these products into a plant-based lunch box is to use them to complement (not replace) more nutritionally dense wholefood and home-prepped options – and we’ve got stacks of ideas for those, too! 

Check out our top suggestions for easy vegan lunchbox recipes here.

We’ve also got a school-week meal plan which shows you exactly how these simple ideas – home-made and store-bought – can come together to make perfect plant-based lunch boxes.

Because in our humble opinion, as long as it’s wholesome, kid-approved, and involves a sustainable amount of effort to put together each morning, that’s true lunch-prep perfection.

Thank you to all the vegan parents who shared their go-to lunch box products with us for this article!

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Meet Liv!

Having grown up in a “meat and 3 veg” kind of household, Liv’s embarrassed to admit that she was a bit of a one-note chef until she began exploring the world of plant-based food. Vegan cooking has given her a whole new appreciation for the symphonies of flavours that simple, nourishing wholefood ingredients can create. (Even eggplant, once her greatest nemesis, is now — in a delicious, miso-glazed redemption arc — her all-time favourite veg.)

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