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News Australia’s first all-vegan pub launches in Sydney

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Author: Liv Published: May 15, 2024

A new, all-vegan pub has officially launched at Sydney’s historic Chippendale Hotel, with a menu full of plant-based indulgences!

The Chippendale Hotel in Sydney – affectionately known as ‘The Chippo’, is now the proud home of Australia’s first ever 100% plant-based pub, after a change of ownership earlier this year. 

Bhavani Baumann, The Chippo’s new publican, is a well-known figure in the local vegan community, and has plenty of prior experience cooking up delicious plant-based pub fare, having previously run Sanga (a vegan subway-style bar in St Peters) and The Green Lion pub in Marrickville.

It was always my dream to do it. I always wanted to have a whole pub be vegan, and to help create a world I am happy living in.

Bhavani Baumann, publican

Ms Baumann was born into a vegetarian family, and says it was a documentary on the hidden truths of the dairy industry that eventually made her decide to go fully vegan. 

Bhavani Baumann, the publican behind the Chippo, sits at a table against a wall covered with a mural of greenery. She sits under the Mama B's logo, which is the name of the bistro where her vegan creations are served. She has several meals in front of her to showcase, along with a cocktail.
Bhavani Baumann is the The Chippo’s new publican. (Image: The Chippendale Hotel)

She describes herself as a foodie who’s always cooking for her family, and serving up “classic pub fare, reimagined” at The Chippo’s bistro, Mama B’s – think classic comfort meals like chicken parmigiana, bangers and mash, battered fish tacos, American cheeseburgers, and ‘zinga’ burgers – all entirely vegan and undeniably mouthwatering. 

For sides, try the plant-based mozzarella sticks, popcorn chicken, poutine, or creamy mashed potato balls. Just remember to leave some space for dessert, or you’ll be missing out on decadent delights like rocky road brownies, s’mores, and Biscoff cheesecake cups.

“We’re not trying to be a health food establishment,” Ms Baumann reassures. “It’s not just kale and greens. People come here, eat the food, and leave satisfied.”

An overhead image of a table full of classic pub fare made vegan. A hand is reaching over to a dish that is being passed.
As gloriously, well, pub-like as the existing options at Mama B’s sound, Ms Baumann says she’s also planning to add some ‘classier’ items to the menu in the months to come:

“We’re reinventing vegan dishes, adding fancy things like vegan caviar, waffles, and cheese boards.”

And it’s not just the food menu that’s undergone a veggie transformation – Ms Bauman has overhauled the drinks menu too, adding a huge selection of vegan-friendly wines and sensational cocktails that use aquafaba (made from chickpea brine) instead of egg whites. 

And the result? The Chippo’s plant-based revamp has already proved a hit, receiving an enthusiastic and excited response from the local community. 

I think it’s important to make everyone feel like this is their second home … The Chippo is a community where everybody is welcome, and as a heritage location that holds a special place in Sydney’s heart.

Three friends dine inside the pub with a table full of traditional pub fare made vegan,
There are a range of specials to take advantage of at The Chippo: $15 dinner specials and $6 happy hour on weeknights, trivia and $15 schnittys in the main bar on Mondays, 2-for-1 cocktails in the (dog-friendly) courtyard on Thursdays, and live music and comedy on most other nights of the week, too. Sold? Us too 🤤

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Header image: © The Chippendale Hotel


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