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Opinion Festive & flavourful: 23 vegan side dishes for Christmas

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Author: Liv Published: November 29, 2023

Delicious, 100% plant-based sides for Christmas! Try these amazing roast veggie dishes, sausage rolls, Yorkshire puddings, savoury tarts, stuffings, salads & dips.

Once you’ve picked a plant-based main course to make this festive season – or maybe you’re planning on trying one of these store-bought vegan roasts to save some time – it’s time to fill out the rest of the menu.

Traditional holiday favourites like crispy roasted potatoes and seasonal veggies drizzled with gravy are always a dependable option if you’re after something easy and familiar. But if you’re keen to get a bit creative, there are so many tasty twists on the classics to explore!

Here are some of my absolute favourite veggie-packed sides to make for Christmas:

Hearty Veggies

Fried Beans with Hazelnuts & Preserved Lemon 

A serving bowl of green beans.

A crunchy, zesty dish to help balance out your hearty mains. The brightness of the lemon really makes the green beans and roasted hazelnuts sing. Such a merry combination!

Caramelised Baby Carrots with Puy Lentils 

An overhead image of caramelised carrots on a bed of puy lentils.

This recipe for glazed baby carrots is stunning – they come out looking like warm, glowing jewels, and couldn’t be more tender if you tried.

Roast Veggies with Garlic-Herb Chickpeas 

An overhead image of a bowl of herbed chickpeas sprinkled over roast potato and cauliflower. A 70s style patterned green and white tablecloth sits underneath.

A must-have on any Christmas table! All the cosiest, earthiest roast veggies, infused with plenty of herbs and garlic, and with the added bite of chickpeas. 

Garlic Roasted Potatoes 

A rectangular oven tray sits on a table filled with crispy garlic roasted potatoes.

These perfectly crispy, golden potatoes are parboiled and then smothered with garlic butter before roasting. They’re just as crunchy and addictive as they look.

Portobello Steaks with Avocado Chimichurri

A bowl of grilled portobello steaks topped with chimichurri and served with a slice of lemon.

The secret to making juicy, delicious mushroom steaks is a killer marinade. This one features the rich flavours of balsamic vinegar, smoked paprika, garlic, and vegan-friendly steak sauce. 

Olive Oil Mashed Potato with Herby Green Sauce

Image of mashed potato in a bowl topped with a green herb sauce.

Mashed potato, but make it fancy – and festive! The chive and basil sauce adds a delightful pop of green that looks right at home among the Christmas colours. 

Spinach & Peas Stuffed Leek 

A rectangular oven tray filled with stuffed leeks in the shape of bonbons.

Not only are melt-in-your-mouth stuffed leeks a delicious addition to your holiday menu, they also happen to look like Christmas crackers. How appropriate!


Herbed Mushroom & Lentil Sausage Rolls 

A rectangular tray of delicious looking flaky sausage rolls with a side of tomato sauce.

I make these ‘meaty’ mushroom sausage rolls every year without fail – they’re super easy to prepare, packed with nourishing wholefood ingredients, and always go down a treat.

Vegan Yorkshire Puddings 

A plate piled high with Yorkshire puddings with gravy being poured from high above.

With tall, crispy golden sides and that signature soft bite, these fluffy Yorkshire puddings are just waiting for that boat of vegan gravy to sail closer!

Spinach & Feta Rolls 

A tray of part-sized spinach and feta rolls with flaky pastry. A side of sauce sits to the side.

This easy-peasy plant-based version of spanakopita is definitely one to keep in your festive repertoire – it’s flaky, cheesy, spinach-packed, and totally indulgent.


Tomato Filo Tart with Pesto

A rectangular tart made with flaky filo pastry topped with tomato, basil leaves and dollops of pesto.

Studded with tomatoes and dolloped with baubles of basil pesto – I challenge you to find anything more Christmassy-looking than this Italian-style summer tart! 

Tomato & Onion Jam Tart 

A round tart on a plate with a slice taken out, the slice sitting on a smaller plate next to it. The top is decorated colourfully with tomato and leaves of basil.

You can either buy vegan feta or make your own for this one. Either option will be delicious paired with the sweet, caramelised onions and tangy bursts of tomato. 

Pumpkin, Caramelised Onion & Rosemary Tart 

A round tart sits on a cooling rack, with two slices cut and sitting to the front of it, revealing the centre, which is not unlike a quiche.

This soft, flavourful roast pumpkin tart is another top contender for any holiday celebration, especially if you’re looking for a dish that feels cosy and comforting. 

Cosy Baked Dishes

Holiday Baked Stuffing 

A rectangular nutloaf sits on a wooden serving board, with a side of cranberry sauce.

Crowned with toasted nuts and cranberries, this aromatic stuffing is best served alongside a classically ‘meaty’ vegan centrepiece. Make your own or check out these store-bought plant-based roasts.

Cranberry & Lentil Bake 

An overhead shot of a round lentil bake on a plate, smothered in cranberry sauce with a side of roast veg.

This superb little veggie dish works well as a side or a main. It’s full of protein from the lentils, and flavoured with sage, parsley, dried fruit, and a dash of red wine for that homely, festive vibe.

‘Ricotta’ & Spinach Pasta Shells 

A rectangular baking tray filled with tomato sauce and spinach and ricotta filled past shells. A side dish of cherry tomatoes sits off to the side.

Pasta dishes are a great option for the Christmas table, because they’re so simple to whip up, and if you pick a tomato and veggie-packed one like this, it looks super festive too! Browse more quick and easy pasta recipes here. 

Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Bake 

A rectangular oven tray filled with a very creamy looking cauliflower bake. It's topped with breadcrumbs. A wooden spoon sits in the corner.

Picture a rich, creamy, cashew-based cheese sauce, layered with melty pieces of roasted cauliflower, and sprinkled with a layer of golden breadcrumbs. That is peak holiday indulgence.


Spicy Green Cashew Dip 

A creamy green dip sits at the centre of a platter, surrounded by crackers and raw veg. One cracker sits in the dip.

If it’s green or red, it’s festive – that’s the rule. This vibrant dip pairs well with crackers, chips, or raw veggie sticks, and packs a real kick! 

Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut Dip 

A chunky red dip sits to the left of a table setting, surrounded by pita bread, olives, chilli flakes, and a jar of olive oil.

See the very important Christmas colour scheme rule above. Why not make both these delicious dips so you’ve got the red and the green covered?

Hummus with Roasted Mushrooms & Caramelised Onions

A close up of a bowl of creamy hummus topped with diced roast mushrooms and wilted greens.

I’d argue that hummus is a must for any plant-forward celebration, Christmas or otherwise. This recipe ups the ante with a thick layer of roasted mushrooms and caramelised onion. 

Beetroot & Butter Bean Dip 

A vibrant purple beetroot dip sits in the centre of a platter, surrounded by crackers, raw veg, nuts and pretzels.

This stunning beetroot dip is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds! Delicately spiced and super creamy, it’s another great complement for any snacks you have on the table. 


The following salads are just two of my personal favourites for the festive season – but there are so many to choose from! Browse even more super-satisfying salad recipes here.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry & Almond Salad 

An overhead shot of a plate full of salad with charred and halved Brussels sprouts.

This incredibly addictive salad of roasted Brussels sprouts, cranberries, and slivered almonds just screams ‘holiday feast’ to me. Can’t go past it! 

Creamy Potato Salad 

A serving bowl of creamy potato salad with a side plate sitting next to it. A salad server sits on the side plate with a small portion.

Ol’ reliable potato salad is a time-honoured classic for a reason. This vegan-friendly recipe uses egg-free mayonnaise, which is rich, creamy, and readily available in major supermarkets.  

Need more ideas for your festive feast?

VegKit’s got you covered. Check out our tried-and-true recipes for ‘meaty’ vegan mains, platter ideas, plant-based cheeses, pasta dishes, ‘seafood’ alternatives, Christmas puddings, mince pies, and drinks for all the holiday meal inspiration you could ever need.

There are also heaps of festive vegan products available in major supermarkets and online these days (everything from main dishes to desserts!) that are perfect if you’re looking for a low-key option that doesn’t require too much preparation.

Check out our full list of plant-based Christmas products for recommendations and stockists.

We’re always here to help with ideas, and I for one would love to see what you end up cooking this year! Don’t forget to tag VegKit in your food photos over the holidays so we can drool over your creations.

Liv's author bio image

Meet Liv!

Having grown up in a “meat and 3 veg” kind of household, Liv’s embarrassed to admit that she was a bit of a one-note chef until she began exploring the world of plant-based food. Vegan cooking has given her a whole new appreciation for the symphonies of flavours that simple, nourishing wholefood ingredients can create. (Even eggplant, once her greatest nemesis, is now — in a delicious, miso-glazed redemption arc — her all-time favourite veg.)

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