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News Stop the press! Plant-based Nutella is coming!


Author: Jacqueline Published: June 5, 2024

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Food giant Ferrero, creator of the world’s most famous hazelnut spread, confirmed Nutella Plant-Based will hit the European market later this year.

With Ferrero lodging a trademark for the name Nutella Plant-Based in Italy late last year, it’s been an agonizing wait for an official product launch. But a spokesperson for Ferrero has finally confirmed what we’ve all been hoping for: a vegan version of the iconic creamy hazelnut spread will be landing on store shelves later this year.

The company said in a statement:

By leveraging innovative spirit and decades of expertise of our beloved global brands, we are now preparing to launch Nutella Plant-Based (in a few European countries) starting in autumn 2024. This further addition to the Nutella family will deliver the same unmistakable experience replacing milk with vegetal ingredients, offering a delicious new choice able to welcome even more people into the brand.

A recent survey across 10 European countries revealed that 28% of Europeans eat one vegan alternative weekly, with alt-milk the most popular. So it comes as no surprise that Ferrero have had a dairy-free spread in the works.

A spatula sits above an open jar of Nutella, covered in the spread. Around it sits full hazelnuts.
Image: Nutella

At Ferrero we are always scouting and exploring new categories and emerging food trends…

Spokesperson for Ferrero

This year marks the 60th birthday of Nutella, which first entered the market in April 1964. When the world faced a shortage of cocoa after World War II, Ferrero set out to find a way to maximise their limited cocoa supply. After a bit of tinkering, Nutella was born and the spread became an instant hit.

Such a hit, in fact, it’s reported that nowadays a jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds, with France being the number one consumer of the spread.

While Nutella Plant-Based will initially launch in only a few European countries, the worldwide popularity of the treat is such that we’re betting it won’t be long before it … spreads all the way to Australia.

We can only hope the rest of the world gets a taste of this vegan-certified product by next February 5th in time for World Nutella Day.

Header image: © Nutella


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