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Opinion 10 vegan Instagram accounts that will inspire you to eat the rainbow

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Author: Maggie Published: July 27, 2023

One thing will probably stand out to you as you flick through these foodies’ instagrams: it’s that plant-based eating makes it very easy to ‘eat the rainbow’ and paint a picture of good health!

According to health and nutrition experts, incorporating more colourful fruit and vegetables into your meals is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re consuming a broad spectrum of antioxidants and nutrients every day. (That’s because the primary colour of a fruit or veggie generally indicates what kind of nutrients it’s packing!) Not only that – it also has the happy side effect of brightening up your plate, and getting you to think more creatively in the kitchen 🌈

Instagram’s a great place to scroll for plant-based cooking inspiration. Check out these accounts to fill your feed with nourishing, rainbow-inspired recipe ideas…

1. Elle @veganbunnychef

Elle’s bio promises food that pleases the eyes, palate, and body, and her content delivers! It’s all too easy to get sucked into the vivid array of fun foods on her Insta grid. Highlights include her bright pink rainbow wraps and orange gochujang tempeh lettuce cups – so vibrant and yum!

2. Ilona Niina @veganiina


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All hail Ilona, the Toast Queen of Instagram. We’ve never seen a feed quite like hers. Picture a patchwork of stars, sprinkles, and immaculately layered slices of fruit – usually on top of a wholesome breakfast bowl, pancake stack, or piece of toast, and always bursting with colour.

3. Ami Shoesmith @the_sunkissed_kitchen

One look at Ami’s glorious arrangements of fresh fruit and veg, and your snack platters will never be the same. Her dazzling creations are a sight to behold, and just as much of a delight to imitate and consume. Check out her smoothie bowls, purple porridge, and grazing plates.

4. Jackie Akerberg @Jackfruitfulkitchen

How delicious does this rainbow peanut noodle bowl look – or this loaded lentil and quinoa summer salad? These masterpieces should come with a drool warning! Jackie loves to focus on healthy, easy recipes, so her meal ideas are just as nutritious as they are eye-catching.

5. Romy @romylondonuk


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A post shared by Romy 🌱 Vegan Food (@romylondonuk)

If you’re looking for “next level vegan comfort food”, you’ll definitely want to follow Romy. She’s a pro at making plant-based dishes that sing with a variety of shades, textures, and tastes. Her Insta has everything from familiar feasts like vegan doner kebabs to fun ideas like burger bowls.

6. Vegan Yass @veganyass


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A post shared by Vegan Yass (@veganyass)

With “eat the rainbow” capping off their bio, Vegan Yass showcases a stunning array of meals from food creators from all around the globe. The account is sadly inactive, but there are plenty of posts to scroll back through – all leading to other food accounts for more inspiration!

7. Danielle Brown @healthygirlkitchen

Danielle’s aim is to help people live their healthiest plant-based lives – and she’s doing it by brightening up their Instagram feeds with the most divine-looking recipe videos. Check out her fresh take on vegan tuna pasta saladBBQ chopped salad, and superfood yoghurt bowls.

8. Kim-Julie Hansen @veganreset

These zero-waste popsicles are almost too pretty to eat! (Almost 😉) And the same goes for many of Kim-Julie’s posts. She makes even relatively simple recipes like this monochromatic avocado pesto pasta or this smoky baked tofu sandwich look absolutely irresistible.

9. Beth


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A post shared by Beth (

Come for the iconic handle, stay for the mosaic of plant-based recipe inspiration. Beth shares heaps of ideas for quick and easy meals that happen to be budget-friendly – and beautiful. Try her rainbow salad bowl or her recipe for beetroot pasta, pesto broad beans, and garlicky spinach.

10. Caitlin Shoemaker @frommybowl 

Caitlin’s got the warm and sunny side of the colour spectrum covered – it’s hard not to feel fuzzy inside just looking at her recipes, let alone tasting them! Some of our favourites include her veggie fajitas, dijon garlic chickpea and veggie bowls, and buttery yellow tofu scramble.

These content creators are bound to turn your plant-based palette palate into a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours. And guess what? VegKit is on Instagram too! We’d love to see what rainbow-inspired recipes you end up adding to your repertoire, so be sure to tag us in your creations.


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Meet Maggie!

Maggie’s passion for fresh, local produce began in the 90s when she first harvested the oranges in her backyard for a glass of fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice — though her Dad may remember the details of labour a little differently. Now she adds berries to her chocolate and sneaks pumpkin into brownies so she can confidently and incorrectly refer to them as health foods.

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