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Opinion 10 best vegan desserts to make for a dinner party

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Author: Jacqueline Published: March 25, 2024

Need easy vegan dessert recipes that are guaranteed to impress? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re aiming to be the host with the most or the guest with the best, there’s no denying the power of a particularly irresistible dish to completely steal the spotlight at a dinner party. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been tasked with making a plant-based dessert, and not to be dramatic, but the fate of the entire evening hangs in the balance…

Just kidding – you’ve absolutely got this! 🍰🧡

Vegan baking is a piece of cake (literally) and we’re here to help with some indulgent ideas that are 100% dairy-free, egg-free, and down-right delicious. 

From rich, chocolatey indulgences to creamy cheesecakes, these plant-based sweet treats will have everyone fighting over seconds:

1. Vegan Biscoff Cheesecake

An overhead image of a decadent cheesecake on a table, beautifully decorated with a slice cut and slightly pulled out.

This biscoff-laden cheesecake tastes just as heavenly as it looks! The recipe calls for several plant-based dairy substitutes including vegan butter, vegan cream cheese, and vegan whipped cream. If you can’t find some of these products in stores, remember you can always get them delivered from a vegan-friendly online retailer.

2. Chocolate & Pear Cake

A close up image of a chocolate cake with a slice cut to show delicious pieces of pear throughout.

A cocoa-based teacake with slices of pear scattered throughout? This unexpected duo goes down an absolute treat. The fresh, juicy pops of fruit make a perfect counterpoint to the deep chocolateyness (yes, that’s the technical term) of the cake, and it’s super easy to make, too! Pair it with a cup of tea to wind down the evening and end on a sweet note. 

3. Lemon Tart

Overhead image of a creamy lemon tart, with several portions cut. It is beautifully decorated with cream and pistachios.

Pure sunshine in dessert form! If you’re looking for something light, refreshing, and a bit out of the ordinary, look no further than this butter-yellow lemon tart, decorated with little stars of vegan whipped cream and chopped pistachios. Guaranteed to be a good palate cleanser and brighten up your after-dinner chats.

4. Chocolate Fudge Cake with Rich Ganache

A rich chocolate cake sits on a cooling tray, covered in the most drool-worthy looking ganache.

I’ve gotta call it… this might just be the chocolate dessert to outdo all other chocolate desserts. Picture a rich, fudgy slice of cake topped with a ganache so delectable you’ll all need to take a second to emotionally recover. Only make this if you’re okay with people demanding you make it for every single event from now on!

5. Cinnamon Tea Cake

An overhead cropped image of a cinnamon tea cake, with several slices turned to the side to reveal a light and fluffy texture. It's beautifully decorated with a drizzle of white icing.

When it comes to choosing a cosy dinner-party dessert, there’s nothing more reliable than a fluffy cinnamon teacake, and it’s a classic for a reason. Delicately aromatic and topped with a crispy golden crumble, this icing-drizzled dream only takes 15 mins to prep and definitely deserves a spot on your go-to list of vegan sweet treats.

6. Blueberry & Macadamia Cheesecake

Image of a bright purple cheesecake covered in berries.

Don’t you love a nifty no-bake dessert? Forget sweating away in your oven-warmed kitchen – with no cooking required, this creamy raw blueberry and macadamia cheesecake is an easy, refreshing choice for warmer weather occasions. From its nutty coconut base to its berry-laden filling, every bite is sweet, subtle, and utterly divine. 

7. Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

A close up image overhead of a slab of freshly cut brownies.

Somehow I suspect I don’t really need to sell anyone on double choc chunk brownies… Is there really anything more that needs to be said? You can find an assortment of vegan choc chips in the baking aisle or online – but you could also just chop up a slab from the confectionery aisle. Lindt vegan salted caramel chocolate or Tony’s Chocolonely dark almond and sea salt chocolate would be amazing in this recipe. 

8. Key Lime Pie

A stunningly decorated key lime pie sits on a plate, with a slice already taken out and another ready to serve.

The dessert no one realises they need until they take their first bite. This 100% plant-based take on a tangy key lime pie is just as eye-catching as its traditional counterpart, with none of the dairy or eggs, but all of that iconic citrus flavour. I personally find the vegan version even richer and more mouth-watering than the original… which makes it an even more satisfying treat!

9. Apple Blueberry Crumble

An overhead image of a hearty looking berrry crumble in a pie dish, topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

It’s hard to go past a comforting dish like this for dessert, especially when it only takes 10 minutes to throw together. This apple and blueberry crumble is an easy winner – and it tastes even better à la mode. Pick up some vegan vanilla or coconut ice cream on the way to the dinner party and you’re set.

10. Dark Chocolate Tart with Spiced Figs

A close up image of a rich looking chocolate tart decorated with figs and rose petals.

The fruity sophistication of spiced figs and the slight bitterness of dark chocolate make this tart a truly decadent way to cap off the night. You’d literally never guess it was dairy-free, and your dinner guests won’t either! Feel free to get creative and swap the figs out for fresh berries, coconut flakes, or a sprinkle of orange zest if that’s more your vibe.

No matter which way you slice it, there’s sure to be a plant-based dessert on this list that ticks all the boxes for your next dinner party. 

Soon enough, you’ll be sitting there among the pleasant chaos of crumb-scattered plates, evening chatter, and rapidly-emptying teacups, feeling pretty darn pleased with yourself… and already pondering which vegan dessert you’ll knock people’s socks off with next!

Meet Jacqueline!

Jacqui likes to spend her spare time with her two cats, eating sweet treats and listening to 90s British pop. She enjoys making plant-based goodies inspired by her love of all things David Lynch, and if she’s cooking dinner, you better believe there is gonna be spice!

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