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Opinion Best online stores for buying vegan products in Australia

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Author: Liv Published: November 27, 2023

Like the sound of having a whole array of plant-based snacks, meals, and treats delivered straight to your door? Bookmark these vegan-friendly online retailers for your next grocery shop 🛒🌿

Vegan food is everywhere these days. You’ll find an ever-expanding array of plant-based offerings in major supermarkets, on menus, all over YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok – even on mainstream TV!

One handy result of this booming demand for more sustainable, healthier, and kinder food options: you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to shop plant-based! 

There’s a growing number of vegan (and vegan-friendly) online retailers in Australia that can deliver a whole range of plant-based snacks, meats, cheeses, drinks, desserts and more directly to your door. As a delightful bonus, they often stock international, cult-favourite products that you might otherwise have to go out of your way to find.

For example, these vegan LoveRaw Cream Wafer Bars from the UK taste exactly like Kinder Bueno bars – seriously, I’m obsessed – but so far, they’re only stocked by small vegan grocers and niche health stores in Australia.

And … online at The Vegan Grocery Store! 🍫🎉

So if you’ve already checked out all the options at your local supermarket and feel like trying something new, have a look at what’s available online.

Here are some of the best websites to shop for vegan treasures, sorted by delivery area. 

Note: Some of these websites are 100% vegan, while others are mixed but still stock a great vegan range. Filter using ‘vegan’ as a keyword if needed and double-check any products before purchasing.

Online grocery stores that deliver vegan products Australia-wide

Vegan Grocery Store logo on white background.

The Vegan Grocery Store claims to have the biggest range of vegan groceries in Australia – and with 80+ plant-based cheeses, 120+ plant-based meats, and just about everything else you could think of, I’m inclined to believe them! 

Based in Melbourne but able to deliver an impressive range of products all across the country, Vegan Perfection boasts countless vegan cheeses, mock meats, creams, snacks, confectionery items, drinks, and more.

Perth’s virtual plant-based haven, La Vida Vegan, offers everything from delicious plant-based dips and spreads to chocolate, bulk foods, easy meals, and freezer items. They can deliver all products across Perth metro, and shelf-stable items to the rest of Australia. 

Back when I lived in Brisbane, you could find me lurking The Green Edge’s aisles pretty much every weekend, and I was stoked to see they now deliver all across Australia! This mainstay of the Brisbane vegan scene absolutely deserves nation-wide appreciation.

A 100% vegan business selling desserts, snacks, pantry items, and more, Kind to Earth is a great go-to for all your vegan favourites and essentials. I’m always eyeing up their seasonal puddings in the lead-up to Christmas …

Uproar logo on white background

According to their About Us page, Uproar is the home of “low-cost, high-quality vegan goodies” – where you can find loads of animal-friendly snacks and confectionery. And just to sweeten the deal, 100% of their profit goes directly towards helping animals! How amazing is that?

From plant-based meats to dairy-free cheese, the vegan range at GoodnessMe is packed with organic, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly health food products. (They’re not completely plant-based, but their website is easy to browse by dietary requirements.)

Five Vegans logo on white background

Another Perth-based icon that delivers nation-wide, Five Vegans is a one-stop shop for simple, delicious vegan food you can trust – all while supporting local Australian businesses and Animal welfare charities. What could make your virtual snack-run better?

Biome logo on white

As a sustainability-focused store, Biome has a huge range of eco-friendly products – including all kinds of vegan foods, ranging from sweet treats and seasonings to pastas and curry pastes. They’re a great place to find gourmet gifts for a plant-based foodie! 

Online grocery stores that deliver vegan products to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne & surrounds

Suzy Spoon logo on white


Suzy Spoon’s makes an outstanding range of vegan ‘meat’ products, including sausages, seitan, schnitzel, bolognese, lasagne, veggie balls, burger patties, pepperoni, smoky ‘bacon’ rashers, butter ‘chicken’, and festive roasts for the holidays.

I Should Be Souvlaki logo on white background.


I Should Be Souvlaki is a Sydney-based diner that makes all of their vegan souvlaki meats in-house and with love! They do specifically timed ‘delivery runs’ in various parts of the country – sign up to their mailing list to be notified when they’re next delivering to your area.

Lamyong logo on white background.


You might recognise the brand Lamyong, or perhaps their Sayur range – their plant-based meat and seafood products are top notch. You can often find them tucked away in Asian grocery stores, but it’s handy to know they have an online shop too!

Harris Farm logo on white background.


As you’ll see when you search the Harris Farm Markets website, they have a massive vegan range. From egg-replacers to the most divine vegan cheeses, artisan plant-based sausages, ready meals, snacks, and decadent dips – this site is a gold mine.

Doorstep Organics logo on white background.


Promising to deliver organic, sustainable food shops straight to your home, Doorstep Organics doesn’t just provide fresh produce – they also do a tasty number of vegan grocery items! You’ll find lots of plant-based and planet-friendly products on their website.


Originally a brick-and-mortar vegan ‘butcher’ shop, and now a brilliant online store, The Kynd Butcher is definitely one to remember – especially for plant-based meats and frozen food items. They’ve got just about everything, from festive roasts to schnitzels, and even peppersteak pies!

iPantry logo on white background.


Not fully vegan, but iPantry’s plant-based range is awesome. I dare you to make it past the basil pesto gnocchi, frozen pizzas, vegan honeycomb, or cinnamon scrolls without ‘accidentally’ placing an impulse-order. If you can, you have far more self-control than me.

Australia has vegan-friendly meal delivery services, too!

You probably already know that UberEats and DoorDash both offer hundreds of mouth-watering vegan options these days. 

But there are also some nifty businesses that will do your week’s meal prepping for you, delivering wholesome, ‘heat and eat’ plant-based meals right to your door! Check out these vegan-friendly meal delivery services here

Know of any other online vegan stores we should add to this list? Tip us off on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear your recommendations!

Header image: © The Vegan Grocery Store
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