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News Eating Plants season 2 set to launch this May!

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Author: Maggie Published: May 10, 2024

Hit vegan docu-series Eating Plants is back, with a whole new season of delicious, globe-trotting episodes & special premiere events.

The long-awaited new season of Eating Plants is nearly here! Season 2 will be launching this May, with six new upbeat episodes exploring the world’s fastest growing culinary trend: plant-based food. Watch the latest trailer to get a taste of what’s in store 😋

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of watching season 1, we’ll catch you up to speed on the show’s delicious conceit: Eating Plants is essentially a round-the-world tour of all the best recipes, products, restaurants, and benefits the global plant-based movement has to offer, with plenty of inspiring insights and advice from passionate foodies, influencers, and experts along the way. 

It is the culinary revolution the world needs, and EATING PLANTS captures the passionate personalities leading the charge. Terrifically engaging and totally mouth-watering.

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Some of these experts include innovators who are changing the shape of the food industry by creating plant-based cheeses and meats from scratch, providing both retailers and consumers with healthier, more sustainable alternatives to animal products that are easy to prepare and still taste great. 

Overall, the series aims to capture the rapid growth of the vegan food industry, which is predicted to reach a value of more than $162 billion by 2030. 

Screening several times on SBS and picked up by TV networks around the world, season 1 transported audiences right into the heart of the thriving vegan scenes in America, Germany, Israel, the UK, China, and Australia – showcasing the seriously incredible plant-based cuisine, innovations, and hotspots in each location.

It’s an uplifting watch that is sure to tantalise viewers’ taste buds while also stoking their wanderlust.

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Season 2 is set to build on the success of season 1, featuring a fantastic cast, five entirely new destinations (Mexico, Sweden, Thailand, Canada, and New Zealand), and, excitingly, another Aussie-focussed episode. It would appear the plant-based movement here is growing so quickly that it warrants revisiting already!

Some faces you might recognise in Eating Plants season 2 include Mexican actor, Sofía Sisniega, Swedish cover model, Cajsa Wessberg, New Zealand actor, Sonam Hoani, and Australian actor and activist, Martin Dingle Wall.

Eating Plants Mexico host Sofia Sisniega, with chef Natalia Delgado. (Image: Eating Plants)

With its flavour-packed focus on showing just how accessible, nutritious, and satisfying vegan cooking can be, Eating Plants is inspiring viewers all around the world to bring more plant-based food to the table and discover the full range of health, environmental, and ethical benefits for themselves. 

Host or grab tickets to your local premiere

If plant-based food – and munching popcorn – is your thing, don’t miss out on the exclusive screenings coming up! 

To celebrate the launch of season 2, Eating Plants will be screening at special premiere events all around the world, including two Australian cities:

  • Melbourne: Sunday May 26th – Lido Cinema, Hawthorn 
  • Sydney: Wednesday May 29th – Ritz Cinema, Randwick

You can also find details about how to host a screening here.

Keen to rewatch or catch up on season 1 in the meantime? You can stream the series right here.


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