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Opinion Best vegan restaurants, cafés & bakeries in Perth


Author: Sophie Published: May 3, 2024

Keen to discover all the best plant-based food Perth has to offer? Don’t miss these 100% plant-based cafés, restaurants, & patisseries.

With the number of all-vegan restaurants continuing to skyrocket all around the world, it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing a similar trend here in Australia, too – and that includes Perth 🙌

There are all kinds of specialty vegan foods in town these days, from wholesome, hearty meals and fast food options, to dainty desserts, and even French-style pastries. 

To help you figure out where to start, I’ve put together a list of my favourite spots in Perth that are 100% plant-based and absolute must-visits, whether you’re a local or just popping through.

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Carina’s Kitchen

Mount Hawthorn

Overhead image of a tray full of iced cinnamon scrolls on a bench. There is a pink tea towel underneath the tray in the corner of the shot.
Image: Carina's Kitchen

This beautiful all-vegan business is not only serving up delectable baked goods at their bricks-and-mortar café in Mount Hawthorn, but also the local markets – like the Freo’s Farmer’s Market, which is on every sleepy Sunday morning. 

Carina’s Kitchen is all about using wholesome ingredients to make treats that cater to lots of different dietary requirements, including gluten-free – and every single one tastes just as good as it looks. 

I can’t go past the jam-filled croissants, the brownies, the doughnuts… or the cakes! There are almost too many to choose from. 

Check out Carina’s Kitchen on Instagram and see their market dates and opening hours here



An overhead shot of a takeaway tray full of waffles, chocolate, berries, chocolate bars, and various other desserts.
Image: Crunchbox

Crunchbox is a 100% plant-based and mostly gluten-free café and dessert bar that is definitely worth checking out if you’ve got a sweet tooth. They serve a huge range of waffles in all sorts of indulgent flavours (like Snickers flavour, and Red Velvet) as well as similarly decadent smoothies, slices, brownies, cakes, and bliss balls.

If you’re more of a savoury person, don’t worry – you’ll enjoy plenty of choice here too! Crunchbox balances out this smorgasbord of sweetness with some heartier options like brekky bagels and toasties too.

Check out Crunchbox on Instagram and see their opening hours here.



A hand holds up a apple turnover, with the cream side turned to camera. It's decorated with a pink sugar.
Image: Darringtons

One look at Darringtons’ brightly coloured offerings and you’ll be ready to head there pronto. This wholesome little patisserie specialises in baked goods that are vegan, gluten-free… and absolutely stunning 😍 We’re talking everything from fluffy focaccias, breads, and pastries to the most decadently decorated donuts, cakes, and tarts. 

Drop in to pick up a freshly made veggie sandwich or pie for lunch – or order a beautiful plant-based birthday cake for someone special. 

Check out Darringtons on Instagram to see their opening hours.

Faux Sho Vegan Pantry


A display featuring Faux Sho Vegan Pantry's aged cashew cheese.
Image: Faux Sho Vegan Pantry

This plant-based-pantry-cross-café in Rockingham’s Sunray Village is a real gem. Faux Sho Vegan Pantry does the best woodfired pizzas around, as well as rich, crispy arancini balls and addictively flavourful gyros. 

Plus, an important PSA for any plant-based cheese lovers out there: The culinary geniuses at Faux Sho also make the most incredible aged and cultured vegan cheeses! You can buy these artisanal delicacies in-store, along with lots of other amazing deli goods, breads, savouries, and sweet treats.

Just make sure you leave room for a scoop of Faux Sho’s renowned house-made ice cream too! 

Check out Faux Sho Vegan Pantry on Instagram and see their opening hours here.

Flora & Fauna


An overhead image of two brunch dishes – fritters and pancakes with colourful toppings.
Image: Flora & Fauna

If you’re looking for a vegan brunch spot where the vibe of the food is nourishing and indulgent, look no further than Flora & Fauna, right in the heart of the city.

Their tagline is “vegan brunch is our thing”, and they definitely deliver, with plenty of treat-yourself menu items like banoffee pie pancakes, creamy cashew mac and cheese, and breakfast burritos, as well as lighter fare like salad bowls and vibrant fresh juices.

Flora & Fauna is also open for dinner, and hosts fully vegan high tea events!

Check out Flora & Fauna on Instagram to see their opening hours.

Formosa Vegetarian Eating House & Formosa Garden

Kardinya Square, East Perth

Image: Formosa Garden

Any fans of ‘meatier’ vegan meals and plant-based seafood – you need to get down to Formosa immediately. They serve the most delicious fried ‘squid’ rings that are crispy on the outside, and perfectly chewy in the middle. I’m not sure which mock seafood product they use as the base, but whatever it is, it nails that slightly briney, moreish flavour!

Formosa’s take on salty fried ‘chicken’ is equally addictive. Once you try it, you probably won’t want anything else. But if you can convince yourself to balance it out with something a bit different, the king oyster mushroom hot pot is definitely worth a try. It’s full of ‘meaty’ mushrooms and other nourishing ingredients, and will warm you up from the inside out. 

There are actually two locations for this vegetarian haven – Formosa Vegetarian Eating House in Kardinya Square, and Formosa Garden in East Perth. Twice the deliciousness to choose from!

Check out the respective Facebook pages for Formosa Vegetarian Eating House and Formosa Garden to see their opening hours. 

La Vida Vegan


Image: La Vida Vegan

Need to stock up on some plant-based essentials? La Vida Vegan is your one-stop shop – it’s a 100% vegan grocery store offering a huge range of plant-based foods, nifty ingredients, snacks, and treats, as well as vegan-friendly clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and cleaning products. 

They’ve even got a waste-free bulk foods section, which is perfect for when you need to top up all your pantry staples, like rice, cashews, lentils… and vegan smarties 👀

Check out La Vida Vegan on Instagram and see their opening hours here.

Little Beans Gourmet 

Canning Vale

A close up of a chicken curry on a restaurant table.
Image: Little Beans Gourmet

Little Beans Gourmet are known for serving up authentic, mouth-watering Malaysian-Chinese food that just so happens to be 100% vegetarian. The vegan options are clearly marked and so consistently tasty that you really can’t go wrong, so take your pick!

If you need tips for where to start, try the wontons, either as an entrée with soup, or a main with noodles – or the nasi lemak, which comes with sambal chilli, fried ‘anchovies’, peanuts, and cooling cucumber, and your choice of plant-based chicken or beef.

Little Beans Gourmet also does one of the best laksas in Perth. The seamless fusion of a curry and a noodle soup, this iconic Malaysian dish is the ultimate slurpable comfort food. 

Hot tip: If you visit on the weekend, be prepared that you may have to fight for a table at Little Beans’ iconic yum cha / dim sum sessions… but the ‘char siu’ bao, satay sticks, curry puffs, and soy mai dumplings are well worth it!

The lovely team at Little Beans Gourmet are also proud advocates for our animal friends, often supporting animal welfare fundraising events and helping to promote the power of plant-based food in their community 🧡

Check out Little Beans Gourmet on Instagram and see their opening hours here.

Loving Hut Perth


An overhead shot of a table full of various Asian-style dishes.
Image: Loving Hut

Lee & her family, the talented foodies who run Loving Hut Perth, are stalwarts of the local vegan community. Not only are they serving up food mind-blowing enough to open anyone’s heart to plant-based eating, they also host fundraising events to support a whole array of animal-related causes 🐷💕

On the culinary side, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Loving Hut Perth serves hearty mains like rich rendang curry, stuffed red pesto mushrooms, saucy noodle dishes, pizzas, and pastries, as well as indulgent desserts like creamy soft serves, triple chocolate mousse cakes, and slices – and plenty more glorious variety in between.

To taste a bit of everything, head to their Sunday buffet for an all-you-can-eat plant-based extravaganza!

Check out Loving Hut Perth on Instagram and see their opening hours here.

The ‘Pear’fect Pantry 

Osborne Park (inside the Westpoint Centre)

Image of a hand holding up a delicious looking breakfast wrap in front of The 'Pear'fect Pantry window sticker.
Image: The ‘Pear’fect Pantry

The ‘Pear’fect Pantry has garnered a particularly passionate pack of plant-based patrons (consider this my submission for tongue-twister of the day) – and there’s a good reason for this cult following.

Tucked away on the side of a busy highway, this entirely vegan pantry boasts a cabinet full of sweet and savoury treats like wraps, salads, pies, pastries, cakes, and slices that are, well, ‘pear’fect for on the go. 

Some of my top picks are the oreo cupcakes, the apple slice, and the vegan brekkie wrap with plant-based bacon, sausages, hash browns, and cheese. Between food like this, and a creamy oat milk cappuccino, The ‘Pear’fect Pantry is a must for a road trip pit-stop!

Check out The ‘Pear’fect Pantry on Instagram and see their opening hours here.

Vegan World 


A range of different Asian-style dishes in a bain-marie.
Image: Vegan World

The name says it all, really – get a taste for what it would be like living in a fully plant-based future by heading down to Vegan World!

This all-vegan, all-delicious spot in Northbridge is your go-to when you’re craving tasty, filling dishes like noodles, curries, fried rice, and stir-fries, all packed with flavour and tasty plant-based proteins.

The dining experience even becomes interactive if you order the hot pot – for which you’ll have an aromatic broth simmering away in the centre of the table, and a selection of yummy ingredients to cook yourself.

I highly recommend going down this route if you’re struggling to choose what to order, as it gives an evening out with friends or family such a wholesome, communal vibe, and is tastier than words can describe.

Check out Vegan World on Instagram and see their opening hours here

W.H.I.P. Patisserie


A close up image of a pain au chocolate with almond croissants piled up behind it.
Image: W.H.I.P Patisserie

Next time you need to brighten up your week, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a sweet little something from W.H.I.P. Patisserie. This totally plant-based gem is teeny tiny (with just one table inside and one outside) but packs a whole lot of heart into all of their pastry creations.

Inside the cabinet, you’ll find everything from vegan pain au chocolat to golden croissants, giant almond croissants, eclairs, tarts, danishes, cakes, cheese toasties, and more, all dreamed up and perfected by award-winning French pastry chef (and co-founder), Cedric.

W.H.I.P. Patisserie tends to announce their ever-changing specials on Instagram each month, and they’re usually so tantalising that they sell like hot cakes. One of the recent specials was a vegan banana split eclair so divine it was probably the best eclair and the best banana split I’ve ever had.

Plus, if you’re interested in levelling up your own vegan baking game, W.H.I.P. Patisserie offers a range of classes and workshops aimed at teaching you how to nail even the most notoriously tricky desserts like pavlova – all plant-based!

Check out W.H.I.P. Patisserie on Instagram and see their opening hours here. You can also sometimes find them at local markets.

And this is just scratching the surface…                                  

There’s plenty more plant-based food to discover all around Perth, not just at other vegan restaurants and cafés, but also at local farmers markets, and omni establishments that happen to also do great plant-based options – even fast food chains

If you’re elsewhere in Australia, or planning on travelling, be sure to check out our guides for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide too. 

With so many options spread across the country, wherever you are, chances are there’s always an amazing vegan spot right ‘round the corner.

Header image: © The ‘Pear’fect Pantry

Meet Sophie!

Plant-based food is one of Sophie’s love languages. Growing up in a family of foodies, it’s no surprise that when she’s not making it, she’s looking at it, asking ’but what will we eat?’, or dreaming about the food she’ll make for her next costume party.

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